How Can I Grow and Capitalize on my TikTok Following?

  • Sheyna Gee
  • Artist
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Building a following on social media can be time-consuming and feel very tedious. Yet, for many artists, it's social proof that they have talent and are serious. It can also lead to increased income and better opportunities. 

In this video, a
cclaimed Country artist, Sheyna Gee explains what it takes to build a strong TiKTok following and why it is so important for an artist like her.


Valuable Insights Sheyna Shares In This Video


Sheyna explains the path she has chosen to take to successfully build a following.

No Team

Learn how Sheyna has built her following without a social media team or manager.


Learn ways in which you can capitalize on your fanbase to grow your career.

One Viral Hit

Learn the iimpact of having one viral hit and the challenge of trying to duplicate it.

Influencer Matching

Sheyna shares her experience with influencer-matching companies.

Fans to Super Fans

Find out how Sheyna converts her casual fans into superfans to boost her career.
About The EXPERT

Sheyna Gee

Acclaimed country artist, Sheyna Gee has  performed for a US president, shared the stage with Stevie Wonder, performed on Broadway in New York, and was awarded LA Music award’s “best country single” and “best singer-songwriter” and silver in Young Arts “Female Singer” category.  before moving to Nashville in 2016. Since then, she's been touring the US and playing locally, adding up to 225-275 shows a year. She has also toured internationally.

Sheyna's unique voice, outstanding stage presence and strong songwriting have earned her the respect of the Nashville music industry and have helped her develop a loyal fanbase worldwide. You can keep up with her on TikTok, and hear her music on Spotify or Apple Music, where she releases new music every 6 weeks.

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