How Does a Good Producer Improve a Recording Session?

  • Dale Penner
  • Music Producer

  • Mix Engineer
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Many artists today record their music. in their home studios Others go to a studio and record with an engineer. While these can be good, it's important to understand the value of bringing in a seasoned producer. What they bring to your recordings can make a big difference in how well and where your music is received.
In this video, veteran producer Dale Penner (Loverboy, Nickelback) explains what a good producer does to make a recording session go smoothly and make the recording itself the best it can possibly be. 


Critical Insights And Advice Dale Shares In This Video

Producer Traits

Find out what traits a producer needs to be able to make a recording great.

A 'Producer's Ear'

Learn what it means when someone has a 'Producer's  Ear' and why it is critical.

Self Recording Tips

Learn some great tips for making your self-recordings stand out. 

Choosing Tracks

Learn the importance of choosing only the best tracks to record vs. recording everything you write

Learning The Craft

Get some ideas of howyou can improve your producing skills. 

Preparing Tracks 

Find out what you can do to make the job easier for your mix engineer. 
About The EXPERT

Dale Penner

From Iconic Bands Like Loverboy and Nickelback to TikTok Sensations SM6 and Audio Post Mixing and Sound Design for Indie Films, The Canadian Mixer/Producer and Juno and Gospel Award Nominee stays on the Cutting Edge.

Dale Penner gets it. He knows that perhaps the most famous band on his expansive, ever-evolving, and coolly eclectic 35-year resume as an engineer, producer, mixer, and post mixer/sound designer for films isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Dale also specializes in remote recording, enabling him to record artists and musicians no matter where they are in the world. 

To this Penner usually says “If GM had a car that was selling better than any they had made previously do you think they stop making it?”

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