How Can I Be Endorsed By My Favorite Companies?

  • Ron 'Blondie
    Boy' Thaler
  • Drummer
    Record Producer
  • Musical Director
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To many, getting an endorsement from their favorite brands is a major sign of success. But the truth is, while it's a great stamp of approval, in some cases it can be challenging. 

In this insightful video, world-renown drummer and producer, Ron 'Blondie Boy' Thaler discusses the ins and outs  as well as the pros and cons of  product endorsements.  He also explains how to seek an endorsement from your favorite companies.


Some Insights Ron Shares In This Video

The Relationship

It's critical know what the relationship between company and artist really is.


Find out how available endorsement deals are in today's music market.

Pursuing A Deal

Ron explains some ways you can pursue an endorsement deal.


Find out how product exclusivity plays out in real life with endorsement deals. 


Learn if there are any drawbacks to having an endorsement deal. 


Learn the perks that you can get from a good endorsement relationship.
About The EXPERT

Ron 'Blondie Boy' Thaler

Ron Thaler is a record producer, recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and spatial sound pioneer. He is credited on over 450 albums, 43 billion streams, and 11 #1 Billboard hits.

Thaler is best known by fans as the drummer on Alicia Keys' double Grammy-award-winning No One, and as a character and bandmember on NBC TV’s primetime series Lipstick Jungle. Thaler has produced artists for Sony, Warner, UMG and other labels, receiving three Producer-of-the-Year Grammy nominations and eleven Artist Grammy ballot nominations, . He has provided business development, project management, and oversight to labels on new artist initiatives, and has spent time touring and backing many recording artists as a sideman, recording studio drummer & multi-instrumentalist.

Thaler is active in music licensing, publishing and synchronization, through his three firms RTP Music (Canada), Soda Box Music LLC (offices in New York USA and Florence Italy), and Concorde Music Agency SAS based in Bogota Colombia. Thaler is an artist-in-residence and visiting professor at The Collective (New York City), where he teaches music business, music production, the economics of music, music law & contracts, and networking principles, in addition to masterclasses in drum performance and studio recording techniques.

Thaler is a pioneer in the field of 360° immersive sound and spatial music creation, having launched SoundSphere Studios, CineSphere, and Lysten 360 Sound Systems in 2017 with partner Steven Boardman. He has directed educational initiatives in 360° sound at post-secondary facilities in North and South America, with curriculums focussed on industry transformations taking place in the worlds of spatial sound capture, music creation and 360° immersive sound transmission.

A graduate of the University of British Columbia, Thaler released an instructional program for drummers called Phraseology And Individuality On The Drumset, and has appeared as a performer and keynote speaker at international AR/VR/MR(XR) technology conferences, music and gaming expos, synchronization forums, drum festivals and music colleges.

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