How Do I Emcee a Wedding or Event?

  • Nathan Cassar
  • Former Cruise Director
  • Professional Emcee
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When a musician or band is hired for a wedding or another kind of private event, they are often called on to also emcee the event (master of ceremonies). This can be done just be reading announcements for the group. However, a real emcee adds an entirely new dimension to the event.

In this interview, professional emcee, Nathan Cassar explains the role of an emcee and how musicians can fill that role effectively.


Stategies For Emceeing Nathan Shares In This Interview

Duties & Responsibilities

Find out what the emcee is most often expected to do and be responsible for.

Balancing Roles

Find out the best way to balance your role as a musician with your emcee duties. 

The Basics

Learn what the basic tasks are that most musicians do in their emcee role.

Tips For Emceeing

Learn some very valuable tips and lessons about emceeing events.


Find out some of the mistakes artists make when asked to emcee an event.


Find out how you need to shift your perspective when swithing hats. 
About The EXPERT

Nathan Cassar

Based in Sydney, Australia and with over a decade of experience in the industry, my journey as a professional MC began in April 2021. Since then, I have established myself as a leading figure in the Australian event scene, having hosted over 100 events and counting. I have had the opportunity to work on a wide range of events, from weddings and festivals, to gala evenings and award nights, to charity events and trivia nights.

My passion for entertaining and creating unforgettable celebrations began early on as a high school competitive public speaker. Since then, I've had the privilege of hosting thousands of events and leaving audiences with lasting memories. I love the energy of live events and the opportunity to connect with audiences. Being able to help create unforgettable celebrations is truly a privilege and my ultimate goal.

My career has taken me across the world, notably Europe, North America, and the South Pacific as a former Entertainment Host with Princess Cruises. Now I bring my diverse experience and unique blend of professional experience, humor, and dynamism to every event I emcee here in Australia all year around.

One of my greatest strengths is my ability to connect with audiences and create a lively atmosphere. My dynamic stage presence, charming smile, and professional attitude have earned me a reputation for being able to elevate any event to the next level.

Major organizations that I have performed for include the REA Group, the Marlow Hotel Group, University of Wollongong, Nectr Energy, MG Motor Australia, Standards Australia, and local city councils including Campbelltown and the Northern Beaches. I'm also a preferred vendor for numerous wedding venues across NSW, including Burnham Grove Estate, The William Inglis Hotel, and Glenworth Valley.

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