How Can I Market My Music And Merch Directly To My Fans?

  • John Oszajca
  • Artist
  • Music Marketer
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One of the most effective ways to increase your income as an artist is to sell your music and merch to your fans without a middleman taking a piece or all of your profits. It's a model that works for every other industry, yet few musicians have realized the dramatic difference it makes when you 1) keep all of the profits, and 2) capture the name and contact email of every fan who buys anything from you. 

In this video, direct-to-fan marketing expert, John Oszajca explains how to transform the way you conduct business to your great benefit.


Insights And Advice John Shares In This Video

Direct-To-Fan Marketing

John expains what direct-to-fan marketing means and how it works.


Learn how selling directly to your fans benefits you financially.

No More Ropes

John explains all of the label ropes, hoops and walls he no longer has to deal with.

Marketing Funnel

Learn wha a marketing funnel is and how it works to increase your income.

Skills Needed

John explains that anyone can develop this kind of program with a little bit of guidance.

Take Control

Learn how selling direct to your fans let's you take control of every aspect of your career.
About The EXPERT

John Oszajca

John Oszajca, an Interscope recording artist and online marketing expert, is a pioneer in the world of direct-to-fan marketing. John began sharing his insights into this approach in 2007. He offers expertise on a wide range of topics including the evolving landscape of the music industry, marketing strategies for musicians, social media, songwriting and the opportunities for independent music created by the internet. John has appeared in Rolling Stone, CNN, The Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, Time Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, and more.

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