How Do I Treat My Music Career Like A Business? (How to be a ‘Creative Entrepreneur’) 

  • Gilli Moon
  • Artist
  • Founder - Songsalive!
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The only way an artist can have a long, profitable career is if they know the business side of th industry as well as the creative side. 

Gilli Moon, a successful artist and the founder of Songsalive! explains how to treat your career like a business so you can ensure that you accomplish your goals and make money


Some Of The Advice & Wisdom Gilli Shares In This Video

Creative Entrepreneur

What is a 'Creative Entrepreneur' and why it's important for you to take on that role?

Wearing Multiple Hats

Find out how to balance being both a great artist and a strong businessperson.

Using Tools

Understand the value of mastering the countless marketing tools artists have.

Competitive Advantage

Know what makes you special and can help you stand out from the pack.

Avoiding Overwhelm

Learn how to pace yourself and not get overwhelmed by the process and pressure.

Value Alignment

Find out how important it is to stay true and authentic and to not compromise your vales. 
About The EXPERT

Gilli Moon

Gilli Moon is a Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist, Music Producer and Creative Business Strategist. She is world renowned as the voice for Artists, having created a global community of devoted followers, empowering artist entrepreneurs, songwriters and “creative warriors”, inspired by her unprecedented DIY artist success and her unparalleled expertise. Gilli has provided platforms for over 50,000 artists and creators to become engaged, enlightened and empowered plus she has over 100,000 followers and fans of her own creations, music recordings and live performances as an artist. She is a self-made brand.

She is the CEO of her own company, Warrior Girl Music & Media, one of the first record labels and artist development that truly paved the way for “Indie” artists since 1999. With her company, Gilli Moon has launched over 500 artist’s music careers through producing and marketing a dozen artists’ albums, creating events (she co-produced The Los Angeles Women’s Music Festival) and releasing 16 music compilations (the 3 Females On Fire series, and the Art Of Men CD), as well as released 12 Songsalive! Samplers (1 a year for 12 years), plus most recently, the Sync It! Compilation (19 of the hottest songs from around the globe ready for music licensing). Warrior Girl Music’s artists’ songs have been placed on CBS, the WB, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, MTV, and countless films, as well as rotation on radio stations worldwide.

The Creative Warrior Academy, her coaching arm, is a subsidiary of this multi-faceted company, which trains and motivates artists and creative seekers to “achieve their artistic dreams, and develop business strategies, empowering them towards a life they’ve always imagined.” Through her academy, she has also written several creative business books which are top sellers on Amazon, designed online programs, plus conducts many workshops and talks around the world.

As a philanthropist, inspired to make a difference in the music industry for songwriters, in ’97 Gilli created Songsalive!, an international non-profit public benefit charity organization for songwriters and composers, and is now the largest songwriters’ membership organization worldwide. She still volunteers from it after 18 years! Songsalive! provides song critique workshops, performance showcases, song opportunities and an online social network packed with resources, a university and networking for songwriters.
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