An Overview Of The Classical Music Industry

  • Mircea Gogoncea
  • Producer
  • Classical Guitar Player

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Every genre of music has it's own unique sets of rules, traditions, expectations etc. Classical music is one that stands out for it's many distinctions, sometimes obvious and sometimes unspoken! The bottom line that making a living in classical music is, for the most part, a much different journey than any other genre.  

In this 4-part video series, World renowned classical guitar player, Mircea Gogoncea provides an in depth overview of the classical music industry and the facets that make it unique from all other genres.

Insights That Mircea Shares In This Video

Making A Living

Learn how most classical musicians make their living.


Learn the progression of venues that a classical musicians works her way through.

Getting Known

Learn how many classical musicians get more well known and accepted.


Learn why standard platforms like Spotify don't work for classical music, and the irsolution.


Find out how classical musicians get to be taken seriously by the industry and their peers.

Getting Booked

Learn how classical musicians get the vast majority of their gigs.

This Is Just A Taste Of All That Mircea Shares!

About The EXPERT

Mircea Gogoncea

Mircea Gogoncea is a 30-year-old Romanian-German guitarist based in Los Angeles. He has performed in over 350 concerts on 5 continents. Having been awarded a total of 169 prizes, he is considered one of the world's most acclaimed guitarists.

In 2022, he made his debut as a composer with an hour-long show consisting of music he wrote for guitar, live electronics and audience interaction. Through this innovative format, he breaks down barriers between performers and listeners, encouraging audiences to engage with music more deeply.

In 2018, he organized the first-ever guitar masterclass and workshop in Lagos, Nigeria. Fundraising for the project consisted of a 7-concert tour of India. The documentary he made about his journey inspired luthiers and performers to donate a series of professional instruments to the young musicians in Lagos.

He is currently Head of Guitar at tonebase, the world's leading institution for online music education. He oversees content strategy, artist bookings, video production and postproduction, while also managing a team of videographers, editors, and engravers. Previously, he created and hosted tonebase Live.

He holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in guitar performance from USC Thornton in Los Angeles, in addition to 5 other university degrees. He graduated with honors from the Advanced Diploma doctoral-level program of the Royal Academy of Music in London and the post-master’s excellence program Konzertexamen of the Robert Schumann University in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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