What Are Some Common Mistakes That Artists Make When Booking Themselves?’

  • Gina Donaldson
  • Artist Manager
  • Artist Consultant
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Sometimes gigs are hard to come by. It my because there are more acts than venues near you. It might be because non of the venues hire your kind of entertainment. It might be because your act isn't tight, or it's too expensive.

But if none of those are true, then it might just be your approach.  In this video, artist manager/consultant, Gina Donaldson explains some of the basic booking mistakes that many artists make.


Observations Gina Shares In This Video

Your EPK

Find out the importance of having a strong EPK and what goes into one.

Live Video

Learn how critical it is to have a strong live video with an audience enjoying the show.


Find out what research you should do about a venue before you approach them. 

Pitch and Follow Up

Find out how often you should follow up with a venue after submitting your EPK.


Get some tips on pricing your act withing the venue's range.


Have your calendar ready when talking to venues so you don't have to make them wait.
About The EXPERT

Gina Donaldson

Gina has been on Indie Connect's management and consulting team since 2017. She studied artist management through Berklee College of Music's online program and is a true student of the industry. She works directly with artists to help them in the areas of strategic planning, branding, marketing and booking.

Gina is also the founder of Fearless and Free Co., a motivational graphic tee shirt company.



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