What You Need To Know Before You Hire Your First Or Next Music Producer…

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Anyone can say they are a producer. Unfortunately, many do not do a great job for their artists. More importantly, many rip off their artists, charging them too much, stealing their songs and more. 

Popular Nashville music producer, Fett explains how to choose the perfect producer and how to avoid being ripped off by sharks!

Critical Advice Fett Shares In This Video

Main Considerations

Learn the most important things you should consider when shopping forproducers

How Producers Get Paid

Find out how reputable producers deal with their fees and how sharks rip you off.

Recognizing Sharks

Find out how to recognize the many sharks that prey on up-and-coming artists.


Learn how reputable producers line out the legal sides of producing an artist. 


Learn what you should expect to have in your hand when the recording is finished. 

Setting Expectations

Understand the importance of establishing  and agreeing to expectations beforehand.

Plus A Lot More!

About The EXPERT


Fett is an independent music producer and engineer, author, music career coach, co-founder of the Azalea Music Group in Nashville, and recording/mixing engineer for the 2015 Australian #1 Album: Jason Owen’s Friday Night. He helps artists and songwriters reach their fullest sonic and emotional impact with the recordings he produces, and also teaches them how to do it themselves. Fett is the author of the popular book “Fett’s Mixing Roadmap: A Step-by-step Guide To Mixing Music In The Studio”,host of EmpoweringWomenInAudio.com and teacher of hands-on recording and production clinics for women. He is the former Technology Editor for Performing Songwriter magazine, and occasional journalist for CMA Close Up, Drum! and Keyboard magazines. His diverse list of clients includes Davy Jones of the Monkees, Grammy-winning songwriter Don Henry, and international guitar virtuosos Tommy Emmanuel and Muriel Anderson. Although he works with clients of all ages, Fett is particularly known for working with clients who are 55 and over.


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