What You Need To Know Before You Hire A Publicist or PR Firm

  • Ariel Hyatt
  • Founder/Cyber PR
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    Social Media Expert
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Music is an industry that is often dependent on getting mass exposure. Unfortunately, there are a lot of so-called marketers and  publicists, They scam artists exposure-hungry artists by charging too much, not delivering what they said they would and in other ways.

In this video, Cyber PR founder Ariel Hyatt provides valuable insights into hiring a publicist or PR Firm and the red flags to run from so you don’t get ripped off.


Tips And Advice Ariel Shares In This Video

Evaluating a Publicist

Find out what makes a publicist good or bad for an artist. 


Learn the questions you should ask any publicist before you hire them. 

Conflicts Of Interest

Find out why your ideal publist might not be able to work with you. 

Red Flags To Run From

Learn to spot the red flags that may signal a publicist is only after your money.

Promises to Avoid

Learn what impossible-to-keep promises less than reputable publicists make.

Finding A Publicist

Learn how to find reputable and effective publicists. 
About The EXPERT

Ariel Hyatt

For 25 years Ariel has been a cheerleader for independent artists. She adores the challenges that today’s music business presents and she leads her team to help clients come out ahead. She is known throughout the industry for her books, blogs, and dedication to education and she loves teaching artists which she has done in 12 countries for over 100,000  creatives helping them take control of their own marketing, leading masterclasses and workshops. She is the author of 6 books on marketing, crowdfunding, social media, and publicity for artists, all of which went to #1 on Amazon. She used to be an obsessive world traveler but now stays at home raising her toddler. She enjoys baking, Ted Lasso, and discovering esoteric playlists.


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