What You Need To Know Before You Hire Someone To Pitch Your Music To Film Or TV

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Getting your song into a film or TV show can give you a huge career boost. Unfortunately, there are countless scammers who prey on unaware artists who crave that kind of success and notoriety.

In this video, composer and music supervisor, Adonis Tsilimparis talks about what you should know before you hire a music sync company or individual to pitch your music to film and TV. 


Important Insights Adonis Shares In This Video

Red Flags

Find out what the main red flags are when searching for someone to pitch your music.


Find out how sync services (and music supervisors) get paid. 

What's At Risk

Find out what the risks are when getting involved with dishonest services.


Learn when the pressure to sign with a service is warranted and when it's not.

What To Provide

Find out what a sync service might need you to provide to them.

Checking References

Learn some simple ways to detwrmine if the person you're speaking with is legit.

Adonis Tsilimparis

Adonis Tsilimparis is a born and raised New York City composer. He began studying guitar and piano at age 11. After graduating from College, he played in several pop and rock bands as a lead guitarist and singer. In the mid 1990′s he became a staff writer at commercial jingle house called Fearless Music, where he wrote and performed countless commercial ads.Many of his compositions could be heard in advertisements for Burger King, AT&T, Sprite and Pepsi. He continued to write at Fearless for several years before expanding to compose music for other film and TV Projects. He has composed music for TV’s ‘Guiding Light’, ‘All My Children’, ‘CSI:NY’, ‘NCIS’, and numerous reality shows on the E Network, and A&E Network. He has also written music for cable shows and several indie films. His recent film credits include “Naked As We Came” and “Wife Missing”.

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