How Can I Be An Effective Band Leader?

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It's one thing to be a member of the band. Everyone shares the jobs and responsibilities. But everything changes when you are a band leader. You have a wide variety of responsibilities, some basic and some quite complex. The success of the band on stage, and often off-stage, rests heavily on your shoulders.  

In this video, Dave Isaacs explains the role of a band leader, sometimes called the music director, and what it takes to turn a group of musicians into a tight sounding, cohesive band.  


Advice Dave Shares In This Video


Learn what the band leader is most often responsible for. 

Nashville Format

Learn how most bands are set up in Nashville that differs from many other cities.


Learn what the band leader's job is  (and isn't) when it comes to rehearsals. 

Effective Leadership

Learn some basi leadership skills that every good band leader should have. 


Learn how the band leader is usually comensated. 

Musical Skill

Find out if you need to be the best musician in the band to be the band leader. 
About The EXPERT

Dave Isaacs

There’s no shortage of guitar teachers in Music City USA…they don’t call Nashville “Guitar Town” for nothing. But Dave Isaacs has earned a reputation as one of the best: not simply a guitar and piano teacher but as a musical mentor to performing artists, songwriters, and working musicians as well as beginners, weekend warriors, and perpetual beginners.

Dave’s approach to teaching develops not only guitar playing but the whole musician, building real skills, confidence, and musical knowledge.

Dave published his first book, The Perpetual Beginner: A Musician’s Path To Lifelong Learning in 2019. Publishers Weekly called it “a delightful blend of memoir and music instruction” and featured it as a spotlight new release.

As a speaker and workshop leader, Dave offers creative people = and those who want to be more creative – with an inspiring and practical perspective on music, methodology, and motivation.

Dave’s students have included hit songwriters, internationally touring performers, and the next generation of Nashville’s rising stars.

A dynamic performing artist himself, he played in venues across the US from small clubs to festivals and concert halls. He has jammed with Les Paul on a Manhattan nightclub stage, rocked in the mud at Yasgur’s Farm, harmonized in Greenwich Village folk clubs, and chicken-picked hot licks on Nashville’s Lower Broadway. His twelve independent album releases run a wide stylistic range, from eclectic singer-songwriter to swampy groove-blues, bright country-rock, Southern soul, and lyrical jazz and classical guitar.

On the academic side, Dave is an award-winning graduate of the New York’s venerable Manhattan School of Music, with a Master of Music degree in classical guitar performance. He was a full-time instructor of music and music technology at Tennessee State University from 2009-2013, and taught music theory and listening skills in the audio production program at the Art Institute of Tennessee-Nashville from 2008-2016.

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