How Do I Recognize And Avoid A Bad Management Deal?

  • Max Hass, Esq.

  • Entertainment Attorney

  • Former Artist

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One of the most devestating moves an artist can make is to get involved with a bad or unscrupulous manager.  You can lost money, time, your song copyrights, your master recordings and a whol lot more. Worse yet, scam management contracts often lock you in for years with no way to escape.

In this informative video, Entertainment Attorney and former artist manager, Max Hass Esq. walks you through the red flags to watch for and how to determine if a manager is 1) reputable, and 2) the right fit for you. 


Here is just some of the advice Max shares in this video...

Up Front Fees

Be wary of deals that require up front fees. There's a good chance they are scams.

Other Red Flags

Learn many other red flags that might indiscate a deal is not a good one.

Backround Research

Learn how to research a potential manager to know if he or she is legit.

Manager-Artist Relationship

Find out what a true, working artist/manager relationship looks like.

Matching Your Vision With Your Manager's

Find out how critical it is to know that you and your manager are on the same page.

Bad Managment Deal Clauses

Learn what to look for in a management agreement - both good and bad clauses. 
About The EXPERT

Max Hass, Esq.

Max Hass is a Founder and Partner with Holon Law Partners and has significant experience in the areas of entertainment and business law, with a particular focus on copyright and trademark matters. He is also available to assist with contract negotiation and drafting, business formation, non-profit formation, and selected intellectual property litigation matters. Recently, Max has begun a practice advising on cannabis advertising and packaging regulations. He brings a wide breadth of experience to his practice.

A musician himself, he has worked with dozens of musicians, artists, filmmakers, and small businesses in the creative sector. Additionally, he has developed and presented a series of copyright workshops for musicians, visual artists, and filmmakers over the last five years. He has been invited to speak on intellectual property and entertainment industry matters at the University of New Orleans, Tulane University, University of Northern Colorado, Regis University, University of Colorado – Denver, New Orleans Video Access Center (NOVAC), the Joan Mitchell Center, Colorado Business Committee for the Arts, and numerous music conferences and events.

Outside of practicing law, Max spends his time reading, playing bass, drums, and guitar, writing music, and learning piano. He also enjoys cooking, yoga, baseball, and getting outdoors as much as possible. He is conversational in French and is learning Spanish. He is originally from upstate New York and currently lives in Lakewood, Colorado.


Tulane University Law School, J.D. 2015
University of Pennsylvania, B.A. 2011


Licensed in: Colorado, Louisiana, New York

Federal Court Admissions:

District of Colorado, Eastern District of Louisiana, Eastern District of New York, Southern District of New York

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