How Do I Get Started As An Artist Manager?

  • Sarah Fleshner
    362 Entertainment

  • Artist Manager
    Artist Developer

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If you are interested in becoming an artist manager, there are a number of specific skills as well as areas of knowledge that you should possess.

In this video, artist manager Sarah Fleshner offers some great tips and guidance for any aspiring manager. 


Here is what Sarah discusses in this video...

Knowledge and Skills

Learn what you need to learn and do to be an effective manager.

Getting Paid

Learn how managers make money.

Getting Experience

Find out how you can 'get your feet wet' as a manager.


Find out what tools are helpful for management.

Choosing Artists

Get helpful hints on how to choose artists to represent.

Manager's Role

Learn what the manager's role is within the artist's team.
About The EXPERT

Sarah Fleshner

Sarah Fleshner is the owner and founder of 362 Entertainment. She found her love for music early and started that path at age 13 and spent the rest of her school years running live sound and sitting in on the production of 3 albums. After high school, she toured with a local artist for 7 years, managing and running live sound.

In 2019 Sarah decided to start opening her own entertainment company so she could offer services to all artists. In March 2020, 2 weeks before the pandemic shut down the music world, 362 Entertainment was officially made an LLC. Sarah took advantage of the downtime and poured herself into learning as much as possible. She used zoom calls, and online classes and was blessed to have many long-time industry power players pour wisdom into her life. Based in Texas, 362 Entertainment has found its second home in Nashville, TN, where Sarah has found a love for Nashville’s deep roots. Over the past 12 years, she has worked countless hours helping artists find their way in the music business world. Her passion is to help creative artist get their craft to the public. From the song on paper to recording it, performing it live, and everything in between. Sarah’s goal is to allow all artists the creative freedom to create music that speaks to us all.

“Sarah is quickly becoming one of the major players, not only as an entertainment consultant and manager but now branching out into concert production, becoming one of the premier driving influences in the music industry these days.” -Bob Bender, Business Side of Music Podcast.

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