Who Should Be On My Artist Team And How Do I Attract Them?

  • Ritch Esra
  • Music Business Registry
  • Industry Exec.
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Every successful artist, at every level, has to have a team of people who work with and support them.

Industry veteran, Ritch Esra explains who an artist should have on their team, when they need them as well as how to find and attract them.


Valuable Info Ritch Shares In This Video

Do You Need A Team?

Find out if you need a team of your own or if you can do everything yourself.

Before Your Team

Understand what you should have in place before you start recruiting team members.

Who Is On The Team

Learn exactly who you should start with when building your artist team.

Finding Team Members

Learn where to find reputable team members.


Learn what to look for and how to evaluate your potential team members.

Attracting Team

Find out what you can do to attract team members sho really believe in you.
About The EXPERT

Ritch Esra

Since 1992, Ritch Esra and Stephen Trumbull have been running the Music Business Registry which includes The A&R Registry, The Publisher Registry, The Music Business Attorney Registry, The Record Producer Directory and The Film and Television Music Guide.

"The directories give everyone vital, accurate and the most up to date information they need to contact the entire A&R, music, publishing, legal and film/TV music communities," says Ritch. "Each directory tells you how to reach these industry veterans by regular mail, E-mail (including web sites), direct dial telephone and fax. Additionally, we provide the exact title, street address, the name of their assistant and the style of music that each executive deals with. Due to the volatile nature of A&R, the A&R Registry is completely updated and reprinted every eight weeks and often has over 100 changes in a single issue. There's no directory of this kind anywhere in the world."

Ritch says that among the subscribers are record company executives, music publishers, managers, agents, attorneys, studios and other various music business professionals in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto, London, Dublin, Copenhagen, Tokyo, Stockholm, Sydney and Munich.

Ritch started out as a promotion coordinator for A&M Records in Los Angeles in 1980-81. He coordinated releases with radio stations as well as the national field staff, providing promotional prerelease information on what competitive stations are playing, informing stations on status on how a record was selling and overcoming objections and resistance to broadcasting new releases. He also ensured that all field staff had product and took care of any product needs for radio stations.



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