Vinny Ribas

Maximizing Your Song Catalog

Most artists and songwriters have a long catalog of songs they’ve created over the years. Some are finished but never recorded or released. Some were released years ago and since tucked away and forgotten. Some are really close to being finished.

The truth is there may be value in that catalog. The songs you recorded in 20 years ago are often sought after for films and TV shows set in those times. Chances are there are artists who love older music and would love to record them!

Chances are no one is going to knocking on your door asking if you have a valuable catalog of songs. It is up to you to be proactive: Wise artists and songwriters are always look for places to  place and monetixe their music. 
For example, you can pitch your songs to:

  • Web series, often via music libraries or personal contacts
  • Indie films, often via music libraries or directly to producers
  • To artists looking for songs either through direct contact or through a publisher
  • To publishers, often by writing with someone with a publishing deal or meeting them at a songwriter event.
  • To commercial/advertisers, either direct to the marketing department or through an ad or marketing agency
  • To documentaries, through a music library or directly to the producers
  • To corporate videos, often through marketing agencies who produce them
  • To videographers for weddings and other private events - find online or at an event.

    The possibilites are almost limitless. Remember that amy time you hear music, no matter where you are, someone was looking for it and most likely paying for its use!

About Vinny Ribas

Vinny is an artist manager and consultant and the founder of Cartne. Over the years he has also been a songwriter, a full time artist, a producer, a studio owner and much more. He's also a popular workshop and conference speaker.
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