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Knowing How The Industry Works Is Critical For Your Success, Your Wallet And Your Mental Health!

It's important to build your music career in a logical sequence. Jumping ahead of yourself can just cause confusion, cost you money, waste time and prevent you from making good decisions. Being unaware of red flags can leave you vulnerable to scammers and can cause you to make costly mistakes.

But you don't need to know everything all at once. That's why we ask reputable industry professionals to walk you through each step of your journey. And we offer multiple levels of membership so learn only what you need to now, and then expand your knowledge from there!

FREE MEMBERSHIP - 40 videos for everyone who is either just starting their journey or feels stuck. You also have access to the member community, tools, resources and even product and service discounts.!

CARTNE 'PRO' MEMBERSHIP - Get access to more than 130 video interviews on every aspect of the industry, plus the new ones added weekly!  You get everything offered in the free level as well.  This level is for the serious musician wanting to grow their fan base,  increase their income, perform more or explore more options within the industry.  Also ideal for the established musician who's ready to tour, get product endorsements, get sync placements etc. 
All for only $12/month or $119/year.

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Benefits of Membership

  • Avoid being scammed or ripped off!
  • Stop wasting time and money
  • Reduce the time it takes to launch grow your career
  • Videos contain NO sales pitches
  • Videos are reviewed and updated regularly for relevance and accuracy
  • Internal social community lets you communicate with other  members
  • Learn what you need to know when you need to know it
  • 2 membership levels to match where your career level

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Over 130 Video Interviews, Including 40 For FREE!
New Video Interviews Are Added Weekly!

12/3 - How Can AI Help Me In My Music Career?
12/1 - How Do I Get The Attention Of A Potential Manager?
11/24 - How Can I Get A Job Working On A Tour Or At A Concert?

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What you're doing with Cartne will help thousands of up-and-coming and working artists avoid the struggles and pitfalls that most musician and songwriters deal with daily!
- Judy Rodman, #1 Selling Artist and Songwriter; Vocal Coach
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