Vinny Ribas

Vinny Ribas

Vinny is the poster child for a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Indie Connect (, an artist management and consulting firm. Indie Connect also manages the PSA Tour. He owns 3 TV channels on VrTuo Interactive and is CEO of The Spark, an avatar-based virtual community and workspace ( He's also an author, with 2 books and over 500 published business and music industry articles. And lastly, he is the architect of VrTUO World and manages program worldwide. 

About Vinny Ribas

I’ve been told that I think differently than most, possessing an innate ability to find creative solutions to challenges and then develop a sequenced strategy to execute them.  As a result everything I do centers around radically challenging conventional or outdated one-size-fits-all thinking, actions and best practices. And often from those unique perspectives comes a new business opportunity or venture.

I am also an executive coach, strategic business consultant and business plan writer. I advise entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to set their businesses up to grow without limits. This includes clarifying and solidifying their plans and strategies. When necessary I also develop their complete and accurate business plans and assist in implementing them.

  • The Spark Virtual Campus and Events Center – The most interactive and advanced virtual event platform on the planet! Perfect for virtual conferences, meetings and other events of all sizes from anywhere in the world. Coming September 2020!
  • VrTUO World - I, along with my partner Tony Bodoh, developed this project.
  • School Tour – 16 artists will be performing and speaking on social acceptance at schools across the IS, Canada, the UK and Brazil!
  • Top 4M Entertainment  and Pinstripe Entertainment (CEO) – TV/film production; owner of 3 TV channels.
  • Indie Connect (CEO and Founder) – Artist management, consulting and training. We help musicians how to turn their talents into a stable career.
  • Co-author of the #1 best seller, ‘LEVERAGE: Achieve a Lot with the Little You’ve Got’  and ‘CEO Secrets‘, plus hundreds of published business and music industry articles, books and eBooks.

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