Eugene Capon

Eugene Capon

A social media futurist, Eugene's forward thinking attitude towards how we connect using technology has been at the forefront of his mission to connect the world and pave the way to the metaverse. In 2014 he graduated with a BA in Liberal Arts with an emphasis on "YouTube Studies" from Evergreen State. Upon graduation he went to work at the YouTube Consulting Agency, Press Play where he was focused on next level visual content in the motion graphics and animation genre.

In 2016 he quit his job as an art director to pursue XR and social media. Eugene's first project was producing the film "Journey VR". This film became an official selection at SIFF, a staff pick by Adobe and VEER, then would become the number one 360 video download on Steam for 30 days at the time of its release.

A year later he would produce and host GLITCHED, the first in VR talk show to be ordered as if it were a TV show. The show revolved around interviewing large name tech and social media influencers like Barnacules Nerdgasm, iJustine, Jake Roper of Vsauce3 and Gearlive. The show ran for a total of 3 seasons.

Since then he has been an avid XR creator making VR and 360 experiences with millions of views and one of the world's most profound evangelists of the Metaverse.

Eugene Capon
Eugene Capon Keynote

About Eugene Capon:

Eugene Capon is a social media futurist, author, public speaker, and new media artist.

  • In 2016 Eugene directed the 360 animated film “Journey VR”. The film would become a staff pick by
    VeeR and Adobe, an official selection at SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival), and was the number
    one 360 rental for 30 days on STEAM upon its release.
  • He created and hosted Glitched: A VR Talk Show for 3 full seasons. The first season was on Altspace
    VR while seasons 2-3 were on High Fidelity XR.
  • Eugene's 360 animated shorts on YouTube have been seen over 15 million times.
  • In 2019 he put out a set of “purposely bad VR stock photos” that went viral. The photos have been used
    an estimated 25,000 times in articles, videos, ads, and magazines. According to Pexels the photos have
    been seen on the platform over 8 million times.
  • In 2021, Eugene wrote the children’s book “All The Things You Can Do In The Metaverse” which is
    available on Amazon. The focus was to give an introduction to children about VR, AR, Crypto, NFTs and
    other web3 technologies.
  • Eugene spends his free time as a board member of the XR Safety Initiative (XRSI) where he helps advise on web standards for a better, safer, and more inclusive internet. This group sits as "principal advisor" to the Metaverse Standards Forum.  .

Podcast Topics:

  • Virtual influencers
  • 360 videos and social media content creation
  • Animation and motion graphics (C4D and After Effects)
  • The future of social media (The Metaverse)
  • Roles of emerging technologies in our society including NFTS, VR, and AR

Speaking Topics:

  • What does the future of social media look like?
  • Making content that gets views.
  • 360 video, A reimagining of creative content.
  • Digital Influencers and virtual production, the future of media.
  • What is the Metaverse?
  • What role do NFTs pay in our society?
  • The power of being early.

About Studio Capon
Studio Capton, LLC is a Metaverse creative agency. The studio was founded by Topher Welsh, Tavis
Hamilton, and Eugene Capon after selling their second season of Glitched to the XR social media
platform, High Fidelity setting the precedent for VR shows to be ordered in the same manner as regular
TV shows are. After the series was completed, the studio would offer virtual world-building services to

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