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With very few exceptions, a career in music depends on Fans. When an individual first becomes a Fan of your music, that sets a challenge for you. How do you value that Fan? What was such friendship worth to you? And was it worth providing that Fan with deals, exclusive deals, and content?

Once Fans are recruited, you need to keep them engaged if you expect them to value your music and relationship you have with them. Currently, the most popular content formats to keep them engaged are videos, contests, new music, conversation and photos.

The Adva Mobile service is a platform of tools to help you do that. We provide services that help you acquire, engage and sell to your Fans with technology specific to the device they carry with them all the time, and which they will tell you they cannot live without – their phone. The Adva Mobile service is a mobile marketing and technology platform for musicians.

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Blue NewsAdva Mobile was founded in 2010 initially to help independent Artists deliver music to their Fans phones, which, at the time, was only possible through the wireless carriers who had arrangements with the large music labels. What we learned was that Artists didn’t only need a way to get their music onto a Fans phone – an entirely new ecosystem of mobile technologies provided unprecedented insight into Fans not available through email or social media. And, Artists needed to “own” their Fans, something not possible – and still not possible - with social media.

Mobile is a perfect technology because we can associate Fan activity and behavior with their telephone number, providing insights into what Fans are interested in and how often they engage with you. From this information, a profile of each individual Fan is created that helps you determine which Fans are casual Fans that like your music, and which Fans are SuperFans, willing to support your creative efforts with purchases that sustain your career.

Mobile technology also offers a way to have conversations with your Fans. These conversations can be Fans texting you, you texting groups of Fans based upon criteria you select (like location, for notifying Fans of an upcoming show) and you texting back and forth with individual Fans in conversational text, if you choose to do so.


The Platform Is Comprehensive:
  • We provide you with your own phone number for Text. Fans are automatically opted in to your Fan database when they first text you, and when you send Fans a text, it comes from this number. There are many rules to follow from the wireless carriers for sending Fans a text, and the Adva Mobile platform takes care of all of that for you.
  • Using text, you can craft individual messages to auto-respond to Fans when they text you. You can craft individual messages for text blast you send to targeted Fans in your database, based upon filters and criterial you select.
  • Most often, sending a text includes a link to your own web app. Easy to set up and manage, think of this as a web site that you can populate with content to engage you Fans, or landing pages to direct Fans to specific content or information. Your web app includes customizable pages for your bio, news, content (music, videos, photos), shows, your own mobile store, contests, surveys, exclusive content, and more. You can also link to your own website, other stores like Google Play, iTunes and your own store – really any link.
  • In addition to linking to external Stores, the platform offers your own mobile store, where you can sell directly to Fans from your web app. Digital content is automatically provided to the Fan, and for physical content, we provide all the details of the purchase for shipping by your fulfillment service.
  • We don’t forget about email! The platform has a full email service, providing templates for you to customize, the same targeting Fans provided for Text Blasts, and managing unsubscribes and other opt out requirements. Best of all, you can send an unlimited number of emails for the same monthly price of the service.
  • And More! Surveys, mobile contests and many more Fan engagement possibilities are provided on the platform. More than 20 helpful video tutorials provide clear instructions about how to set up and use the platform, and we’re always here to help.

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