Music Industry Videos

Our goal is to answer the most commonly asked questions and address the most pressing challenges that artists and the people who serve them face every day. We’re doing this by interviewing hundreds of successful artists and industry experts. From there we’re producing the world’s most in depth self-help video library for the music industry.

Here are some of the questions and topics we plan to address. And of course, we’re open to all of your suggestions!


  • When should I hire a coach?
  • What is artist development?
  • How do I choose the right coach?
  • How do I develop a plan for my career?


  • Do band members sign a contract with each other?
  • How are a band’s finances managed?
  • How are bands structured?
  • Where do I find and recruit band members?
  • How do we become a successful band?
  • How do I protect my band name from being used by someone else?


  • When do I need a booking agent?
  • How do I develop a strong set list?
  • How do I get open for a major artist?
  • How do I prepare for a band rehearsal?
  • How do I prepare for a gig?
  • How much do I charge for gigs?
  • What are booking agents and how do they work?
  • What are promo videos and how are they used?
  • What goes into a booking agreement?
  • What is a contract rider?
  • When should I tour?
  • Where can I book myself?
  • What is a booking showcase?
  • How do I book myself?


  • How do I determine where I fit within the industry?
  • How do I join a community band, orchestra or choir?
  • How do I know if I’m on the right track?
  • How does the industry differ between genres?
  • How long does it take to make money in the music industry?
  • What career resources are available?


  • How do I choose the right major?
  • How do I choose the right school?
  • Is a music college right for me?
  • Should I study at a university, community college or tech college?
  • How do I know what courses or workshops to take?


  • What is an endorsement and how does it work?
  • How to get an endorsement?
  • What are the pros and cons of being endorsed?


  • What should I know about music bookkeeping?
  • Who can manage my finances for me?
  • What do I need to know about paying taxes as a musician?
  • What is fan-funding and how do I do it?
  • What is an NFT?
  • Are NFTs safe?
  • How can an artist finance his or her career?


  • How to I protect myself or my child from instrument-related injuries?
  • How can I be mentally prepared for the ups and downs of the industry?
  • How to I support my child mentally and emotionally?


  • How much should I spend on my instrument?
  • How do I know what gear I need and don’t need?
  • Should I rent or buy my instrument?
  • How is gear transported safely?
  • What additional items should I purchase?
  • Where should I buy my instruments?
  • Where do I get my instrument repaired?
  • Should I buy new or used instruments and gear?


  • What goes into a band agreement?
  • How do I legally record a cover song?
  • What are copyrights and trademarks?
  • What is a cowriting (collaborator) agreement and do I need one?
  • How do I protect my name, logo and image?
  • Should I form a company (LLC, C-Corp etc.)
  • Should I form a nonprofit?
  • What goes into a record label agreement?
  • What goes into a management agreement?
  • What goes into a sponsorship agreement?
  • What goes into an endorsement agreement?
  • When should I hire an entertainment attorney?
  • What is an entertainment attorney?
  • Should I use an online stock contract service?
  • What are the dangers of creating my own contracts?
  • What is a mechanical license?
  • What are neighboring rights?
  • What is a performance royalty?


  • What are some common management misconceptions?
  • How do I find and vet a manager?
  • How do I know if my manager is the right fit?
  • What goes into a good management contract?
  • What are some red flags regarding potential managers?
  • What does a manager do and not do?
  • What makes a good manager?
  • When it is time to find manager?


  • Do I need a bio and what goes into one?
  • How do I find my niche or my ‘tribe’?
  • How do I get a write up on a blog or in a magazine?
  • How do I get my music reviewed?
  • How do I know if my marketing is working and worth the money?
  • How do I protecting my privacy if my contact information is everywhere?
  • How do I qualify marketing services and service providers?


  • Should I build my own website or hire a web designer?
  • Should I do my own marketing or hire someone?
  • What are brand deals and how can I get one?
  • What are some nontraditional forms of marketing?
  • What goes into an effective website?
  • What marketing services are available and how much do they cost?
  • Who (or what) is my competition?
  • How do I market a gig?
  • How do I effectively release a song?
  • What should I budget for marketing my release?
  • What is a press kit or EPK and how do I build one?
  • How do I get my songs into film and television?


  • How do I choose the right music teacher?
  • How do I qualify the people we engage with?
  • How to recognize and avoid industry scams and sharks?
  • What are the most common mistakes artists make?
  • What are the most common mistakes industry pros make?
  • What are the risks of a performance career?
  • What is an artist team and who is on it?
  • What is the essential vocabulary of the music industry?
  • Why do I need to know the business side of the music industry?
  • How do singers, musicians and bands make money?
  • How do I become a successful musician?
  • How do musicians make money?
  • What misconceptions do people have about musicians?


  • How do I maintain and grow my industry relationships?
  • How do I maximize my attendance at a music conference?
  • How do vet the people I meet?
  • How to I make music industry connections?
  • What are some networking best practices?
  • What organizations should I join to meet people from the industry?
  • Who should I network with?
  • What is an industry showcase?


  • Should I join online music communities?
  • How can I fund my music or videos?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of studying the industry online?
  • What are the best marketing platforms for my music?
  • How do I get my music onto Spotify and other platforms?
  • Where can I find gig opportunities?
  • Where can I find Sync opportunities?
  • How do I get my video onto Vevo and other similar platforms?
  • Where should I host my video?


  • What are the benefits of genre-based organizations?
  • Should I join general industry organizations (NARAS etc.)
  • What are some local organizations I could join?
  • What is a performing rights organization and should I join one?
  • What organizations can I join to find like-minded people?
  • What are the most popular songwriter organizations?
  • What is Sound Exchange and should I join?


  • How much should I invest in my musically talented child?
  • How do I protect my child in public?
  • How do I protect my child online?
  • How do I deal with family dynamics such as sibling rivalry, making money at a young age etc.
  • What is my role in my child’s career?
  • How do I know my child has real talent?


  • Do I need to hire a professional photographer to get food photos?
  • What are common mistakes artists make with their photos?
  • How do I choose the right photographer?


  • What is toplining?
  • How can I use samples legally?


  • What is a radio promoter and are they worth the money?
  • How do I submit my songs to radio?
  • How do I get radio interviews?
  • Is getting on the radio worth pursuing?


  • How do I go about getting signed by a label?
  • What exactly do labels do?
  • What’s the difference between major, subsidiary and indie labels?
  • What are some of the forms of record deals?
  • Should I pursue a label deal?
  • Should I start my own record label?


  • Do I need a production agreement?
  • How do I choose the right producer?
  • How do I choose the right studio?
  • How do I prepare for my 1st time recording in a studio?
  • How much should I budget for recording?
  • Is it wise to self-produce my songs?
  • Should I buy a home studio?
  • What gear is used in the studio?
  • What is mastering and do I need it?
  • What is mixing and what should I know about it?
  • What is the Nashville Number System?
  • What should I expect when recording in a professional studio?
  • Where can I learn audio production?
  • Which is better – a home studio or producing in a full studio
  • Who works in a music studio?


  • What does it cost to release a song or album?
  • What royalties can I collect for my songs and how do I get them?
  • How to I market my release?
  • How do I get my song on Spotify and other platforms?
  • How do I create the artwork for my release?
  • When should I release my song/EP/Album?


  • What forms of insurance should I have?
  • What are effective ways to back up my music and video files?
  • How do I protect my name. logo etc.?


  • How do I become a successful singer?
  • How many ways can singers make money?
  • What jobs are available for singers?


  • How do I become a social media influencer?
  • How do I choose the right hashtags?
  • How do I get my viewers to engage on social media?
  • How do I keep my fans engaged?
  • How do I measure my success on social media?
  • How do I monetize my followers?
  • How do I protect myself on social media?
  • How do I protecting my child on social media?
  • How do I react to the negative comments on my social media?
  • How do I read my fan demographics?
  • How do I set up and managing my accounts?
  • How much should I interact with my followers?
  • Should I make my accounts public or private?
  • Should I pay for ads on social media sites?
  • What are influencers and what opportunities do they have?
  • What are social media trends?
  • What are some best practices for social media?
  • What are some other forms of marketing I should consider?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of social media?
  • What are the best platforms for artists?
  • What does it mean to ‘go viral’ and how do I d it?
  • What gear do most content creators use?
  • What is a good posting schedule for me?
  • What should I expect from my social media?
  • Why do I need to truly understand my audience?


  • Are songwriting competitions worth entering?
  • How do I write a song?
  • How do I develop as a songwriter?
  • Where can I get music set to my poems?
  • How do I evaluate my songwriting?
  • How do songwriters make money?
  • What are some songwriting red flags to watch out for?
  • How do I get my songs heard by people in the industry?
  • What are the do’s and don’ts of pitching my songs?
  • What are song pitching and song plugging?
  • What are the legalities of song ownership?
  • What are the most common mistakes songwriters make?
  • What are writers’ rounds and how do I participate?
  • What is publishing and publishing administration?
  • What is the language of songwriting?
  • What is the path that I should take as a songwriter?
  • What kinds of royalties are songwriters entitled to?
  • What should I look for in a publishing contract?
  • Where to I find local songwriting support?
  • What is a song demo?
  • How do I get a publisher?
  • How can I get a staff writer position?
  • Can I make money writing stock, or royalty-free music?


  • Who can help me get started?
  • Should I have a band manager?
  • Who is part of an an artists team?
  • How do I choose the right attorney?
  • Can I have interns?
  • Am I ready for a manager?
  • Should I hire someone to handle my marketing?
  • What is a musical director?
  • How do I get publicity?
  • Who is on my songwriting team?
  • Do I need a record label?
  • Can I hire someone to run my social media?
  • Who do I bring on tour with me?
  • Why do I need a team?


  • How do I fund and budget for a tour?
  • What are some tips for touring?
  • What kinds of tours are available?
  • How do I set up a tour?
  • How do I tour overseas?
  • How do I manage the logistics of a tour?


  • What are some basic editing tips I should be aware of?
  • How do I choose the right video producer?
  • What are lyric videos and how do I produce one?
  • What should I know about producing a music video?
  • Do I need to produce a music video?
  • What is a promo video and do I need one?
  • Should I produce my own videos or hire a professional?
  • What are some major video production and editing tools?
  • How do I market my music videos?
  • What are some lighting guidelines for my videos?
  • What goes into a video production agreement?
  • What licenses will I need?
  • What releases will I need?
  • Who is involved in filming videos?
  • How much should I budget for my music video?
  • How much should I budget for my promo video?
  • How do I make money with my videos?

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