Cartne’s Music Industry Training Helps Artists Navigate The Industry Effectively and Safely

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Music Industry Training Helps Eliminate The Frustration, Guesswork and Risk Of Being An Indie Artist

Nashville, TN July 20, 2023 – In the spring of 2022, Indie Connect founder Vinny Ribas came to a very eye-opening realization. After coaching over one thousand artists and hosting over 500 industry networking events, he concluded that almost every up-and-coming singer, musician or songwriter always asks the exact same questions about launching and growing their careers. He also saw countless people being scammed and or ripped off by industry sharks. That is when made up his mind to do something about it. 

Over the last year, Ribas has been developing Cartne, an online video library designed to educate artists, musicians and songwriters on the important basics of the music industry. It is an ideal primer no matter what your experience level is. According to Ribas, “The goal is to make it much easier and safer for anyone to navigate their way through the music industry maze.” That also includes the parents of talented children who don’t know anything about the industry or how to avoid being ripped off. 

But unlike most programs that have one person discussing every aspect of the industry, Ribas interviews industry experts worldwide and asks them to answer the most pressing questions artists and songwriters have. To date Cartne has posted over 125 current and relevant interviews, and records more every week. 

Because most newer artists don’t have a lot of money to invest in their careers, Cartne has made over 40 of its basic videos free just for signing up. These include 8 videos that explain how to avoid various scams and ripoffs. Some of the free titles include “How Do I Avoid A&R Scams?”, “How Do I Brand Myself On Social Media?”, “How Do I Choose The Right Producer?”, “How Does Music Publishing Work”, and “How Can I Make My Show Engaging And Dynamic?”. 

More advanced titles include topics such as “How Can I Play The College Market?”, “How Can An Indie Artist Get Product Endorsements?” and “How Can I Make More Money From Merch Sales”?

Some of the noted professionals who have donated their expertise to Cartne include Ariel Hyatt (Founder of Cyber PR and author), Bobby Owsinski (grammy-winning mix engineer and author), Ritch Esra (Founder of the Music Business Registry and MUBUTV), Andy Hill (Dean of the Film Scoring Academy of Europe, Former vice-president of music production for The Walt Disney Studios), Barry Coffing (Founder of and over 80 others.  

Ribas also realized that the parents of talented children often know absolutely nothing about the industry. As a result they all too often get ripped off by scammers. Some charge money for services they can’t deliver on. Some grossly over charge for their products or services. Some try to steal the child’s intellectual property, The list of ways they take advantage of parents is endless, That is why Cartne is currently in the process of partnering with numerous major companies and organizations that will make it available to millions of music students, their parents and their teachers.

According to Ribas, the end goal is to “Make Cartne the official roadmap to the industry by always providing how-to content that is current and relevant.” 

Cartne is always looking for industry professionals at all levels to interview. You don’t need to be famous. You just need to have a level of expertise or experience in an area that would be of interest to indie artists, musicians and songwriters.  If you’re interested in sharing your knowledge, please visit to submit your information.

Cartne’s valuable music industry videos are available now for all singers, musicians and songwriters at

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