Between now and our AUGUST 12 LAUNCH, we are offering a limited # of PRE-LAUNCH MEMBERSHIPS. The benefits include…
  • You will participate in outlining all of the questions and concerns that we then ask our experts. There is no better way to break down the nuances of the business.
  • You can participate in the actual expert recording sessions as an online audience member! This enables you to see and learn from everything they say and do, not just the edited parts for the site.
  • You are welcome to join one of 2 live (online) industry networking/coaching/masterminding sessions every week.
And when we launch, you get the Advanced Membership (below) for the same rate you pay for the Pre-Launch Membership!

Only $15/month

Coming Soon


Female singer

Basic members will receive access to all of the music industry how-to videos, the scam and rip-off warning videos and the career videos.

The cost will be $10/month.



Advanced Membership will also include live events, workshops, experts meet and greets,, industry networking, challenges and much more.

The cost will be $20/month.

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