10 Things You Need To Remember About Social Media

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10 Things You Need To Remember About Social Media

Social media is all-consuming these days. Although it may be a source of seemingly endless fun, it is also destroying the lives, confidence and self image of millions of people of all ages. Here are some tips for protecting yourself from the dangers of posting on social media.

  1. Anything bad that you say or do online can and just might be held against you. Be very careful what you say, who you knock etc. It may be legal, but it could come back to bite you when you’re applying for a job, trying to get a job (e.g. you may have put down a business the employer loves) or anywhere else where someone has a reason to check up on you. Remember that it is virtually impossible to erase or take back anything that goes online, especially if even one person copied it.
  2. Social network postings can spread worldwide within 24 hours. That good be great if you’re talking about something like your music. It could be devastating if it something that is embarrassing or puts you in a bad light.
  3.  TV talk shows and radio hosts search the internet for things to make fun of. You may not want to be their target for the day.
  4. Almost everyone has a camera in his or her phone. If you’re wearing something or doing something that is of sudden interest, you just might end up the rage or the laughing stock on any number of platforms!
  5. There is a good chance that other people have the same name as you do. You always want to be sure that people can find you easily, so make it easy for them. If you have a common name, you may want to change your online name to something unique, add a qualifier or at even adopt a nickname. You might also try to get verified or official status.
  6. Watch to see if anyone is spreading rumors or talking down about someone with the same name as yours. Your followers might think they are talking about you. It’s another reason to pick a unique name. It’s good to start a Google alert with your name. These alerts will notify you any time the name or title you entered shows up somewhere on the Internet.
  7. Blogs get quoted, and often out of context. Be careful what you write and how you write it. Don’t say anything that is open to a wrong or hurtful interpretation.
  8. Your pictures, no matter how hidden they are, can somehow find their way to the surface. Be sure that you don’t put any pictures online that might someday come back to hurt you.
  9. Qualify any business contacts that you make online. Get references. Ask for referrals to find reputable contacts. Remember that anyone can say anything or claim to be anyone they desire online.
  10. Never give out personal information online. You never know who is watching or monitoring what you write, even though you may be trying to be discreet.

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