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How Can I Attract A Booking Agent?

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Welcome to another Cartne Quick Tip Video. Our topic today is making your act attractive to a booking agent. 

Booking agents get paid a percentage of the gigs that they book for you. So an agent who takes you on must be confident that he or she can get you work. Don’t expect an agent to invest their time and energy for free to help you get ready so that they can book you down the road. There are just too many acts that will make them money right now.

So to be attractive to a reputable agent, you’ll need a combination of the following. First, if you’re already gigging and making money, an agent with the right contacts might recognize that they can book you into other venues, similar venues, and often bigger and better ones. 

Whether you’re gigging or not, if you have a compelling, high quality live promo video and then epic, some agents will realize that they can use those tools to sell you directly to the contacts that they have right now. That makes their job a lot easier. 

You must show that you are prepared mentally, emotionally, physically and talent wise to move on to higher levels. 

Your live show must be tight and well rehearsed. The lead vocals and the harmonies need to be spot on. You must have good quality gear and you need to act professionally at all times.

If you have the talent, plus all these other pieces of the puzzle, you won’t need to knock on very many doors to find a reputable agent. In fact, in many cases, if you’re creating a buzz, they will find you.

Finding And Pitching Yourself To Gigs

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Welcome to another Cartne quick tip video. Right nowI want to talk to you about finding and pitching yourself to gigs. There are numerous ways to find the right venues to perform in you can go online and buy or find a database of venues. There are lots of websites that list them in conjunction with other services. You can ask your fans to suggest places that you would be a good fit for.  But one often overlooked method is to search online for artists who appeal to the same audience that you do. Narrow it down by searching for ones located in the geographic areas you want to be booked in.  The venues those artists perform in, and especially the ones they return to, are the prime ones to, are the prime ones to call and book your act. 

When introducing yourself to the venues refer to your similarity to those bands, but also explain what makes you unique or different. They will appreciate that you’ve done your homework. And it also gives them a familiar point of reference. Then make sure that your EPK, your pictures, your promo video, all of your marketing reinforces the fact that you are great at entertaining their specific audience. Never lie or stretch the truth because they will see right through you. And you only get one shot at making a great impression.

Honest Booking

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Welcome to our Cartne video titled ‘Honest Booking’. 

The easiest way to damage your reputation is to stretch the truth about what you or your band can and cannot do or play. For example, let’s say a club needs a country band for this weekend. Just because your rock band can fake a half a dozen country standards doesn’t mean you qualify as a country band. You may be able to win over a few audience members, but you won’t convince the person who hired you. And if there was a booking agent involved, you’ve just lost your best ally. 

If you’re asked to fill in on a jazz gig and you don’t play jazz professionally, it’s better to pass than to embarrass yourself and the band.

I also want to mention that this not only goes for what you say, but how your marketing materials portray you. They need to accurately describe your strengths and capabilities without stretching the truth. 

So if you’re called on to play a gig that you’re not a natural fit for. Be honest. Sometimes a venue will still take a chance or maybe book you on a more appropriate night. If they’re desperate, they may hire you to play the gig anyway, but at least you’re off the hook if it doesn’t go as well as they expected. It’s better to pass on opportunities that aren’t the right fit than to jump on them just because you need the money or because it will stroke your ego. Other people are counting on you, to be honest, and to act in integrity when you don’t know what he wins.

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