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Affiliate Terms And Conditions

Indie Connect Inc. (‘Indie Connect’) is the owner of Cartne (, a membership-based educational website and community. The following are the terms and conditions of participating in the Cartne Affiliate Program. This agreement relates exclusively to you, your company or organization promoting membership to Cartne to your members, clients, social media followers, personal contacts etc. and receiving a commission from any subsequent memberships purchased by them. 

Payments and Commissions

Indie Connect will pay the Affiliate a predetermined commission from any Cartne membership purchased by a person or business who is directed to the Cartne website via the Affiliate’s designated URL within 30 days of first reaching Cartne through such URL.

Affiliate commission shall be paid monthly, no more than 20 days after the end of the month in which the Affiliate’s referral joined as a paid member. The affiliate will also receive recurring monthly commissions for monthly renewals and annually for annual renewals. 

Indie Connect reserves the right to modify the payment schedule as long as notice is posted to the Web site. 

Although the Affiliate Program is not limited to the U.S. all payments will be made in U.S. dollars. 

If a qualifying sale is canceled or refunded, the related commission will be deducted from the Affiliate’s total commissions due. 

All Affiliates are NOT employees of Indie Connect and are responsible for their own local, state, or country taxes. 

All Affiliate applications are subject to approval by Indie Connect. 

Both Indie Connect and the Affiliate reserve the right to terminate this agreement at any time. If canceled, outstanding commissions for the current period at time of cancellation shall be paid at the scheduled time so long as rules of this agreement were not violated by the Affiliate. 

Affiliate Link

You will be issued an “Affiliate Link”, or unique URL, which allows Indie Connect to identify visitors from your website, newsletter, social network posts etc. as originating from you. These visitors are tracked with this unique URL and sales are recorded with your Affiliate Id. To receive commissions, you must use the provided Affiliate Link. The URL may be in various forms such as a banner, image, or text link. 

Indie Connect reserves all rights in or to its trademarks and service marks but may be used by Affiliate in accordance with this agreement. Indie Connect and Cartne trademarks may not be used to register internet domain names for any purpose. Affiliate may in no way display an Indie Connect or Cartne logo, image, or trademark which may be distasteful, defame, or misrepresent. 

Affiliate shall not misrepresent Indie Connect, Cartne or the Company’s products or services. 

Affiliate is solely responsible for ensuring that their Affiliate Link is set up properly to qualify for commissions. 

Affiliate may not use their own Affiliate Link to order services from Cartne. Doing so will result in immediate reversal of any commission and termination of this agreement. 

Affiliate agrees to not send unsolicited mail or SPAM mail to promote Cartne or any of Cartne’s products or services. This action WILL RESULT in immediate termination of your account with a cancellation of any pending commissions. Affiliate will also be in violation of this Affiliate Agreement and subject to legal action. 

Prohibited Sites

Sites that promote sexually explicit material or violence do not qualify as an Affiliate. Sites that promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation and physical disability, shall not be accepted. Sites that promote illegal activities shall not be accepted. Do not apply if your site promotes these kinds of activities. By applying, you are stating that your Site does not directly promote or endorse these activities. 

Term of Agreement

This agreement remains in effect until canceled by either party. 

Commissions earned through the date of expiration or cancellation of this agreement will remain payable only if the qualifying sales are not canceled or refunded by the referred Customers. Payment of the final Commission payment to the Affiliate may be withheld for a reasonable time in order to ensure that the correct amount is paid. 


Indie Connect and Cartne will make every reasonable effort to track and pay commissions for all sales that apply to Affiliate. However, neither Indie Connect nor Cartne is responsible for technical problems, acts by third parties, or other events outside our reasonable control which may temporarily disrupt or diminish this service. 


To protect Indie Connect’s and Cartne’s customer privacy, we cannot provide identifying customer names and contact information to you. However, we will provide an online report detailing price, service, date of sale, and perhaps other data for your records. 

Independent Contractor

The relationship between Indie Connect and Affiliate established by this Agreement is that of independent contractors. Indie Connect and Affiliate shall each conduct its respective business at its own initiative, responsibility and expense, and shall have no authority to incur any obligations on behalf of the other, except as otherwise provided herein. Term “Affiliate” shall not be interpreted as a legal partner or affiliate, simply as an independent contractor for LeaderBridge under this agreement. 

Limitation of Damages

LeaderBridge shall not be held liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or any loss of revenue or profits arising under or with respect to this agreement or program, even if Indie Connect has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Indie Connect’s aggregate liability arising under or with respect to this agreement or the program shall in no event exceed the total commissions paid or payable by LeaderBridge under this agreement. 

Affiliate understands that LeaderBridge uses a third party software to implement the affiliate program, that affiliate tracking can never be 100% accurate and that neither Indie Connect nor Cartne is responsible for inaccuracies that might occur beyond its control. Tracking of Affiliate sales depends on several factors which are out of Indie Connect’s control. It is the goal of Indie Connect to make Affiliate tracking as accurate as possible; however, Indie Connect cannot guarantee 100% tracking for situations beyond its control. 

Warranty Disclaimer

Indie Connect makes no warranties expressed or implied with regard to Affiliate Program except as outlined in this agreement. 

Governing Law

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Tennessee and the United States. 

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